01/11/2022 A Night of Positive Change & the Silkworth Charity Group 

As a Charitable organisation, we were delighted to have been selected at one of seventeen on Island, non-profit organisation in line with the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals at the St. Michaels Preparatory School Bee Hive Ball. 

Night of Positive Change showcased our Education Programmes.

We believe that Education for Children and Adults is key to working towards assisting in generational change with attitudes towards Alcoholism and Drug Addiction.

At Silkworth, we tailor Education Programmes for Secondary Schools who play an important role, both inside and beyond the classroom in preventing alcohol and other drug harm.  With a focus on influencing students’ values, attitudes, knowledge and skills so they make healthier decisions. 

“In order to make an impact on generational change around how we view addiction to drugs or alcohol, we need to start with Education that includes the workplace as well as schools” 

Sharon Betts Chief Executive Officer, The Silkworth Group 

Please contact us for further information on our Education Programmes 

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