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Our philosophy is to improve awareness of addiction and end the stigma that surrounds it. Perceptions of addiction need to change. Our aim is to build compassion and understanding around addiction and support people to ask for help without judgment, discrimination, or stigma. Anyone can be affected by addiction, and everyone deserves the help they need to overcome it. Operation Understanding is a community partnership that believes in working together to bring about the change so badly needed to help more people and families find recovery.

The Silkworth Group’s evidence-based, in-house outreach Community Programmes, recognise that there are individuals and families affected by addiction within our Island community. The education and learning we offer allow our society to thrive and progress and believe a community with more educated, supported people is more likely to contribute to its environment positively.

We are quite simply strengthening the connection between individuals, those closest to them, and our community resources.

Sharing time with others in similar situations opens honest discussions. Clear structure of course. Wise and kind guidance and compassion from Wendy. Our understanding helped change our perspective from looking at them to shifting our focus to looking at our behaviours and emotions.


At Silkworth Group we want our referral process to be as simple and uncomplicated as possible, in order that people seeking treatment are not put off by process. There is however a process to follow in line with best practice and regulatory requirements, however we manage that in a way that is seamless.

In order for us to ascertain whether a client wants to seriously consider residential treatment or access to any of our other services, we do this by meeting informally at our premises or speaking on the phone to explain and eliminate any fears or preconceptions of what Residential treatment and treatment on any of our other programmes consists of. This is all done informally because we want our prospective clients to feel at ease and have a broad idea of what our offering consists off and of course it is nice to meet our therapists that our clients will be potentially working with.

It is important to note that referral into our service can be made by the individual who is suffering as well as any professional agency. Through the assessment process we will identify any additional information that may or may not need to be obtained from a professional agency.

Anyone can be affected by addiction, and everyone deserves the help they need to overcome it.