Lived Experience


The Silkworth Family Programme was recommended to me by my sister, who had completed the course herself. I had never understood our family dynamics growing up, the dysfunctional patterns of behaviour and the pain and upset caused by alcohol. Accepting this to be the norm meant that I would be repeating the cycle years on in my adult life.

Doing the course for myself taught me about the part we play in the cycle of addiction. It helped me to see that there are choices available and gave me the skills and tools to manage situations in my relationship rather than letting alcohol wreak havoc over everything. I learnt that self-love and self-care are key.

Following the course, I have attended the support group which is there for when/if needed and has been invaluable. It can be a lifeline. It helps you to reinforce the skills you have developed and to maintain focus.

Looking to the future I feel encouraged going forward. Starting with our own little family, things have improved and keep getting better. Peace and happiness are within reach.

Wife of a Functional Alcoholic