Normalising Second Hand Gifting

What could be better than giving a gift to your loved one and the environment, all while saving money?

Though I am fully on board with buying second-hand for myself and my immediate family, I know others may not feel the same. The stigma of second-hand items still looms in the world of gift-giving. I still dont shop second-hand as much for others as I do myself. However, having recently researched this matter I found a write-up in a newspaper (Express) that showed statistics from a recent study.

Of 2,000 people, they found that 58% would feel positive about receiving second-hand gifts and that 46% would happily give one. The top reasons for doing so included:

  • Saving money (50%)
  • Affording an item that would otherwise be out of their price range (44%)
  • Helping products have a longer lifespans (41%)

Here are some key factors as to why we should start normalising secondhand gifting more:


Reduces plastic introduced into the environment.

There are mountains of plastic kids’ toys looking for another home. When shopping second-hand, especially for kids’ toys, you can reduce your plastic consumption and reduce demand for products that contain plastic. The majority of toys produced are made with plastic and the majority of that plastic ends up in landfills, oceans or incinerators.


Less packaging

When buying second-hand, you can avoid all the packaging that comes with buying new products. Avoid the zip ties and Styrofoam and the annoyance. Creatively wrap to disguise the gifts.


More affordable

When you are able to buy second-hand, you can save more pennies and if you buy from a charity/fundraising shop, you can help towards a great cause too!


Supports a cyclical economy

Shopping locally, as well as second-hand, keeps money circulating in the local economy.


Reduced carbon emissions

By eliminating cross-border and global shipping, you reduce carbon emissions used in the process. If youre buying in town or at a local charity/fundraising shop, less gas will be used and youll reduce the strain on postal services and couriers.


Find unique gifts and improve your shopping experience

If you have the time, exploring charity/fundraising and second-hand stores can be a fun experience. You can find unique vintage toys, beautiful glass wear, or a chunky wool sweater at a fraction of the cost. The thrill of the hunt is part of the excitement. Find something you never expected or a collector item for someone in your life. Finding unique items can spark more ideas for those in your life you want to give to.


Avoids contributing to exploitative labour and global pollution

Many toys, clothes, and gifts made abroad are not made in countries with strict labour and environmental laws. This means many items made abroad can contribute to pollution, harmful emissions, and exploitative labour — by children and adults. By reducing demand for new items made in places where labour and environmental regulations are lacking, you can ensure that you are not supporting these practices.


Silkworth Fundraising Shops

The Silkworth Group Fundraising Shop’s primary purpose is to raise money for our Little House of Hope on the outskirts of town (Residential Treatment Centre) Alongside that, we bring huge value to our local community, support countless volunteers, and boost the local high street.


Our Broad Street fundraising shop is situated in the town center amongst an array of other shops, cafes, and restaurants. This shop is the perfect one-stop shop when on the hunt for clothing and gifts. Items range from up-to-date high street and designer clothing and accessories to dainty china, glass, and kitchenware.

Burrard Street Clothes, Accessories & Bric-a-Brac Shop
Monday – Saturday
9am – 5pm


Our 50/50 shop at The Quay is a second-hand furniture store, selling high-quality furniture, appliances, artworks, baby cots, cribs, and chariots – all in great condition and at affordable prices. We offer a hassle-free alternative for you when you are selling your furniture and upon sale, you will receive 50% of the proceeds, with the other 50% going to the Silkworth Group

50/50 Furniture shop, The Quay
Wednesday – Saturday
9am – 4:30pm


Both our shops depend on 100% stock donations from our on-island community.


Resourced: Evelyn Harford, Express

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