The Family Programme

We understand that the pain of chemical dependency extends far beyond the afflicted individual and how the issues impact the lives of family members, close friends, professional colleagues, and others:  all those who care about or depend upon the individual who has been struggling with addiction.


For these reasons, we believe it is important to offer family, friends and others support that is designed to address individual needs, strengthen the family unit, and educate all on how best to support the individual. Experience has shown the effectiveness of our Programmes, which offer support and information to help both the chemically dependent as well as those closest to them to enable all to maintain healthy boundaries and develop more constructive ways to communicate.


The Family Programme is delivered as a structured process within a supportive environment where the suffering and pain experienced can be addressed in a healthy and productive manner.  The process allows for the choice of lifestyle changes that will empower more satisfying lives.


Our Family Programme is an 8-week process and broadly covers the following:

  1. Addiction – Find out about addiction; what it is (and what it is not) as well as how it relates to you and others.
  2. Family RecoveryExperience elements of the recovery treatment model to explore the effects of addiction on you, personally.
  3. Continuing CareSelf-care for you and your family plus an introduction to ongoing support.


The Family Programme is an 8-week process which usually runs on a Tuesday evening from 5.30pm – 6.45pm from our Family Office in St Helier, Jersey.


Please telephone 769837 for further details or to reserve a place on our next programme.

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