What Makes Family Support Essential to Recovery

Any successful attempt to overcome a significant challenge in life comes back to whos playing on your team. The significant players” in the recovery process are the significant others of the clients who begin treatment for chemical dependency.

Significant others are the people often most impacted by your lack of sobriety, yet they can become some of your best allies during recovery. Significant others are often the most invested in your recovery, in fact, which makes them ideal as a support system, if they are willing and able to participate in family therapy sessions and in other ways to support your recovery efforts. Their active involvement in your attempts to protect your sobriety, can drastically reduce your risk of relapse after the successful completion of a residential treatment.


Your involvement as a family member is defined by you.

There is no predetermined way to help someone with substance misuse. How much you want to be available can be set by you and what youre willing to do to help is the same. Determining healthy boundaries can be an important first step for any family system. What will empower you is being equipped with helpful information and guidance on how to best serve in this supportive role. Thats why here at The Silkworth Charity Group we offer a dedicated family program that helps substance misuse to be understood as an illness and enables living in the solution rather than the existing problem. Where substance misuse is the problem, by becoming more aware of the beliefs and experiences that influence your own behavior, you can begin to find new, healthier ways of managing, approaching, and relating with yourself, your loved one, and significant others.


We run a 9-week course and other workshops at our Family office as well as a weekly support group. 

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