What to Expect in Rehab

Addiction doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a gradual progression—and so is the treatment and recovery process.

In recognising addiction as a chronic disease and recovery as a new way of living, treatment at Silkworth Lodge is tailored to help the client rebuild relationships, regain their self-esteem and most of all, enable them to integrate back into society on a new footing through a continuum of care and support. Our treatment goals and expectations are designed to ensure you have the best opportunity to learn, change and heal.

Detox and Withdrawal

Because heavy and sustained alcohol or other drug use takes an enormous toll on physical and emotional health, detoxification might be needed before you will be able to be medically well and take the real benefits from rehabilitation. If you are admitted to any of our inpatient rehabilitation programs, your care will begin with a medically supervised detoxification schedule depending on the severity of your withdrawals.


When you first arrive at Silkworth Lodge you will be met by a counsellor who will introduce you to the rest of your house peers and will provide you with an information pack which covers everything you need to know in regards to the house. A focal counsellor and buddy are allocated to each new client when they arrive. The buddy is also on the programme and has an important role in the first few days after admission in helping the new client feel welcome.

Primary rehabilitation takes place in a safe and caring residential environment where you are fully advised and other professionals consulted as appropriate. The treatment requires you to commit to undertaking the programme fully and challenge your behaviours and attitudes towards your alcohol and/or drug use. 


Addiction rehabilitation has its own culture and community. We’ll help you get oriented right from the start by introducing you to basic addiction treatment concepts and goals, including:

  • The disease model of addiction
  • Twelve Step recovery principles
  • The social, physical, and emotional, impact of alcohol/drugs disorders
  • The importance of post-rehab recovery maintenance

Your orientation will also cover your rights as a client, responsibilities and confidentiality laws.

Addiction Treatment

Silkworth Lodge’s residential rehabilitation programme is abstinence-based and uses the 12-step programme of recovery. It is tailor-made to you and includes cognitive behaviour therapy, motivational interviewing and recovery maintenance through a personalised care plan, individual counselling in a safe, therapeutic environment, specific workshops, assignments, group therapies, fitness and nutrition. Your core treatment activities will include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Psycho-educational groups and workshops
  • Group therapy
  • Special focus lectures (Self-esteem/Worth, Trauma, Grief, Relationships, Anger and any other relevant issues that may arise during your rehabilitation)

Length of rehabilitation treatment

Throughout treatment, a primary counsellor will work with you to identify your goals and guide your care. The length and processes of treatment will be based on your specific situation and clinical well-being.

If you’re facing more complex recovery issues, your focal counsellor and the treatment team will recommend more time to address and focus on these:

  • Special issues and concerns
  • Mental health complications
  • Recovery Maintenance
  • Sober/Clean Living skills

Your New Normal

Feeling emotionally uncomfortable will likely become your “new normal” as treatment begins. As you learn more about the symptoms and impact of addiction, many of those uncomfortable emotions will become easier to manage as you grow in self-esteem.

Learning about personal authenticity, feeling your feelings, changing negative thought patterns, and practising stress-reducing exercises can provide you with a great deal of relief and catharsis.

Over time, however, if you remain uncomfortable—experiencing low moods, a sense of helplessness and/or ongoing anxiety—you should inform your focal counsellor or a member of the treatment team. We can offer mental well-being and medical health assessments as well as other resources and services to provide additional support in these processes.



We’ve learned from research that the strength of your recovery from addiction is directly related to your follow-through with continuing self-care recommendations.

Following treatment at Silkworth Lodge, you have the opportunity to move into our Secondary Residential Treatment facility to help support your transition from intense rehabilitation treatment, into normal living. It is an opportunity to ease yourself back into life with the support of staff and a structured environment so that you can begin to look for work, and permanent accommodation and receive continued access to your focal counsellor for professional support whilst doing so.

Accommodation is offered in 2 stages, the first being a communal environment, sharing kitchen and living areas with your own private bedroom and bathroom. The second is a self-catered apartment environment which allows you to experience living more independently, but still with access to your focal counsellor as well as the support staff and peers next door.

It is important to acknowledge that Secondary Treatment can be as important as Primary Treatment as it is the early days of recovery that can often be the most challenging. By choosing to continue your treatment in our Secondary facility, you are choosing to strengthen your resolve towards recovery and ongoing sobriety

We understand that going into residential treatment can be daunting. It’s unknown territory for most. Silkworth Lodge offers a safe, caring and confidential environment where your wellbeing is our utmost priority. We treat everyone with respect and dignity and give you the opportunity to start looking at yourself in a safe, supportive environment, perhaps for the very first time in your life. And as we say “Your Life Wants You Back.”

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