07/07/2023 The Island Walk & The Silkworth Charity Group

We are proud to announce the Island Walk have partnered with Silkworth Group to be one of their three main charities this year. An event of great tradition which has become one of the Island’s largest fund-raising events.

Thankful, for the opportunity presented to our charitable organisation to outline We Are Who We Are, and remain an integral part of Jersey’s support system. We are a force of healing and hope for individuals, families and our island community affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

With a clear alignment between the ethos of the Island Walk and Silkworth, where it is not just about walking the Lieutenant Governor, Relay or even finishing the full 48.1 miles, but each walker reaching their own goals in exactly the same way as our clients and their families do every single day.

By being connected to this event, and as a non-profit organisation we can experience the growth, we need, to make a bigger impact within our community. If, we are trying to better the world around us, it starts where everyone else starts their journey these days: One step at a time…

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